Community Sensitization Rally at Ikole Ekiti, Ekiti North Senatorial District on the Women Policy Agenda and to mark the 16Days Activism

Text Box: Figure 1 NISD staff flanked by an EWAT Member and the Chairperson of NAWOJ  Mrs Fatima Bello

On Tuesday 3rd December, 2019 New Initiative for Social Development carried out her women sensitization rally at Ikole Ekiti. The rally which was held in partnership with Gender Relevance Initiative target women groups, market women associations, religious leaders, traditional chiefs and the security agencies. NISD sensitized women groups and took the campaign straight to churches, mosques and market places. The rally focused on the dangers of Gender Based Violence with special emphasis on rape, assault, spousal battery and denial of one’s spouse of psychological, economic and emotional support. Ekiti women in Ikole LGA were sensitized on the content of the GBV Law 2019 and the benefits therein. The topic jointly agreed upon was ‘women safety and security’ and the messages were captured in both handbills and stickers which were distributed. On the average close to five hundred people were sensitized in Ikole Ekiti.

Text Box: NISD and EWAT presented the WPA to Chief Aisa representing the King of Ikole Ekiti

The Secretary of Elekole in council welcomed the team into the palace on behalf of the king, the advocacy visit centered on the need to promote peaceful environment devoid of gender based violence and to promote women inclusion in governance. The conversation centered on the women policy agenda and the benefit Ekiti women stands to gain.  Violence is still being perpetuated by the locals in the  Ekiti State, the traditional council promised to take the message home to their constituent and ensure that machineries are put in place to deepen the knowledge of Ekiti women on the subject.

On 4th December, 2019, New Initiative for social development NISD organized huge sensitization rally at Ado and Ikere Ekiti, the rally which was joined by all Ekiti women Advocacy Team Members also included representatives from FIDA, NAWOJ, FOMWAN, WOWICAN, CSOs, Corp members, MWA, and NCWS and others. The rally kicked off at the mini pavilion Ado Ekiti and extended to the major market (Oja Bisi) and to the biggest car pack in Ado Ekiti (Mugbagba). IEC materials, stickers and handbills containing write ups the significance of Women Policy Agenda, the dangers of Gender Based Violence such as rape, assault were distributed to market women, passersby, drivers and commuters. The rally in Ado Ekiti recorded a huge success as over one thousand handbills and stickers were distributed being the weekly market day, a strategic decision taken to reach out to wider percentage of people. Also the rally train went to Ikere Ekiti to sensitize women on the significance of the new GBV law 2019 and the Women Policy Agenda. Ikere local government was considered being the second largest LGA in the State and also putting into cognizance the level of violence that do characterize the election in the local government. Apart from Ado Ekiti, the Ikere dwellers tops the highest patronage of the magistrate courts with cases mostly gender based and domestic violence. Over two hundred were mobilized in both towns, one hundred participant from each town

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