•  Provision of Quality and Affordable Health Care
  • Conduct State Policy Dialogue on Maternal and Child Health in Ekiti State
  •  Revive the Ekiti State Multiple Birth Trust Fund
  •  Increase budgetary allocation from the present 8% to 15%
  •  Implement the Ekiti State Health Insurance Act 2018 to take care of issues relating to funding
  • Improve the Standard of Primary Healthcare Facilities across the State by way of rehabilitation, re-equipping, recruitment and training of Medical personnel
  • Strengthening Drug Revolving Fund and Procurement of drugs and other consumables
  • Government Commitments to the 35%Affirmative Action Plan
  • Increase women involvement in politics in both elective and appointive positions Part A, Sect 1, Sect 5 (1, 2) 6. 7(1, 2)
  • Increase women access to getting contracts from Government as a means of empowerment.  Sect 11. 4. 13(1A)
  • Set up of the Equal Opportunities Commission. Sect 22(1,2)
  • Repair and Rehabilitation of Rural Roads
  • Policy dialogue on rural road rehabilitation with relevant stakeholders.
  • Increase Budget Allocation for rural roads
  • Reactivate 5 KM roads project across all the LGAs
  • NISD/EWAT is interested in monitoring Government rural road projects
  • Monitoring the World Bank assisted rural road rehabilitation
  • Provision of Affordable and Portable Water Supply
  • Acceleration of the passage of the Water and Sanitation Law and adoption of WASH (Water Sanitation & Hygiene) Policy (MIPU, MOJ, HA, EG)
  • Allocation of funds to the following budget lines: Eradication of OD; Hand washing campaign.
  • Prompt release of budgeted funds.
  • Accelerate the adoption of roadmap to ODF
  • Review of ongoing Government Intervention and monitoring of ongoing water projects
  • Provision of counterpart fund on Water Supply Sanitation Sector Reform
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • More women should benefit from it credit facilities, employment opportunities, and social intervention.
  • Infrastructural and industrial development
  • Advancement of Ekiti Economy which is crucial to poverty reduction
  • Availability of farm inputs for women in Agric. e.g. seeds, fertilizers etc
  • More aged women to benefit from Owo Arugbo
  • Availability of fund to support women based cooperative
  •  Expansion of beneficiaries Multiple Birth Transfer
  • Revive Social Security Scheme for the vulnerable
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Reduction of Gender Based Violence
  • Re-constitution of Ekiti GBV Management Committee Sect 38 of the GBV
  • Review of the Gender Base Violence Law Sect 5 of the GBV
  • Policy engagement Sect  20(1)27
  • Sensitization of stakeholders on GBV Sect 20(ii)
  • Documentation of GBV cases. Sect 6. 8
  • Citizens Engagement Sect 20 (ii)
  • Advocate for the Strengthening of the State family Court Sect 21(a) Sect 5


Ekiti Women Policy Agenda speaks to the interests of Ekiti Women, the actualizations of which will develop and strengthen the development of Ekiti Women. NISD and EWAT will continue to engage relevant government authorities to deliver on the WPA and ensure that implementations measures are instituted for sustainability.

NISD and EWAT with the leadership of Ekiti Women Groups will continue to advocate for inclusiveness and sustained participation in the political space. Economic and Social relevance of Ekiti women will also dominate discourse with appropriate institutions in our dear state.

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